Deeper Weekend 2014

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Are you ready to take the dive into firm ownership? Or do you need a kick in the pants on moving your firm to serve globally, make new innovations a mainstay in your firm or taking your firm into the clouds? Are you tired of the same way our stodgy profession has progressed in the past? Do you know how to market to new clients online? Are you still using time sheets (and losing money)?

In the Pioneering the New Firm self study course, you will address the issues above and so many more! You will enter into a path of study that will challenge you like never before. This is not a course for the weak at heart!

In addition to the challenging material, you will be able to participate discussion and collaboration with other accounting professionals.

While this course can be completed at your own pace, we strongly suggest that  while you’re working through the course, you set aside your ideas of firm management and allow the materials and interactions with other members of your self study class group mold and shape your ideas, challenge what you believed and then help you set your direction before the next tax season rolls around.

The ideas and strategies you learn in this course will be with you the rest of your career!  This may be the catalyst to push you to the next level of growth and profitability. You can’t know who you will learn from, what relationships you’ll build and the changes you’ll make in your own firm. Don’t hesitate to implement strategy and intention into your firm!


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