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I just finished reading The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

While I can’t say that I learned anything that’s going to really change the way I do things, Gary Vaynerchuk did confirm to me that we are on the right path.

People care about relationships and with so many connections made via social media, relationships matter in a big way. THRIVEal wouldn’t exist without social media and the relationships formed there.

Big takeaways:
1. The internet has brought the word of mouth effect full circle. Before the big business/franchise era, small mom and pop stores lived and died on word of mouth. Business owners had to treat each customer like the most important customer they had. You never knew what influence they might have if they talked about you to their neighbors and peer groups and business partners.

It’s that way again with social media, except now customers can spread the news to potentially thousands of people all at once.  When I felt we were getting crummy service at the local mechanic, I could have blasted that all over twitter and Facebook. When the local bakery delivered the best cupcakes ever for my daughter’s birthday, I could have spread that news too. Where do people get recommendations for products and services? They ask their friends and family, often on Facebook or twitter. That’s exactly how we found our orthodontist for our daughters, and it turns out our friends knew what they were talking about. He’s great!

2. Shock and Awe. I have some ideas that were solidified as I read this section of the book. Little gestures of caring are great, but sometimes it’s even better to just blow peoples’ minds. Not gonna say too much about this, or my ideas won’t be very shocking when I make them happen.

Overall, I thought the book was just an okay read. It was pretty basic. It did further my resolve to put people first, both in THRIVEal and at Blumer CPAs. However, I thought it was full of common sense rather than real strategies or new ideas for those already regularly using social media. If for some reason, you still need convincing that social media is a worthwhile way to build your brand, Vaynerchuck can definitely make you rethink that.

  • On 04-03-2012 at 1:39 pm, Scott McReynolds said:

    I read his first book Crush It!

    He does cover things in a very straight forward, easy to understand style. His content does seem to be pretty much common sense, it’s just that common sense is not that common.

    Despite his clear, easy to understand style, his principles can be applied to a broad scope of areas. It may seem like you haven’t learned a lot but he has a way of boiling things down and making clear the action steps necessary.

  • Jennifer Blumer

    On 04-03-2012 at 4:34 pm, Jennifer said:

    Thanks Scott.

    You are so right. Common sense is not common. I can think of so many small business owners that have fabulous businesses but they could do so much more with social media. And good customer service should be a no brainer, but we could all tell some stories about poor service or even stories about our own screw ups! I would recommend the book for people that aren’t yet sure about using social media. I think there is so much opportunity for those willing to dive in and be consistant.


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