Deeper Weekend 2014

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XCM Solutions, Inc. (a robust workflow product we use in our firm) conducted a research project last year to identify the differentiating factors between high and low performing firms.  Some of the findings are amazing and support the things THRIVEal firms have been doing all along.  We’ll check them out over the next 7 posts.  Click the image to the left to download a copy of the full report.


Habit #3: High Performers See Technology as a Strategic Endeavor

In high performing firms, they see those in charge of technology as part of the leadership of the firm.  These firms see their technology investments as part of their strategic advantage.  According to the report (on the left), these kinds of firms are three times as likely to follow a strategic written technology plan to grow.

High performing firms don’t see technology as nuisance and a necessity, they see it as a prudent way to move their firm ahead of their competition.  Do you embrace technology and its ability to move you forward?


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