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XCM Solutions, Inc. (a robust workflow product we use in our firm) conducted a research project last year to identify the differentiating factors between high and low performing firms.  Some of the findings are amazing and support the things THRIVEal firms have been doing all along.  We’ll check them out over the next 7 posts.  Click the image to the left to download a copy of the full report.


Habit #1: High Performers Embrace Change

One difference between high performing and low performing firms is that they embrace change.  They are not only early adopters, but they find change to be a positive part of their lives.  These firms actually encourage innovation and put their team members in a place where they can truly innovate and embrace change without the fear of failure.

Failures will happen.  They are part of life.  Will they make you stronger as a firm or paralyze you with fear?



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