Deeper Weekend 2014

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Listen to what went down in Chicago on February 8th and 9th:


IC Opportunities was an awesome experience. THRIVEal had a cool part to play by sponsoring the first ever Innovative Opportunities Award, which was presented to Sharra Chan of Orange Door, Inc. Orange Door is working hard to develop a true (not hosted!) online tax application. Changing a profession or any industry is hard work.  It takes commitment to a vision that you truly believe in.  It takes eyes to see opportunities that others have possibly overlooked.  It takes individuals and companies that are not scared to innovate and try new things.  This award recognizes that individual or company that has done hard things and truly made a difference in the profession of public accountancy.  With it, we say ‘Thank You’ for having the courage to blaze a trail that our profession can now follow.


Jody Padar, Sharra Chan, and Jason Blumer


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