Deeper Weekend 2014

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Have you blown anything up lately?  Like your phone system, or your tax season process, or some new software you had to install?  Owners of CPA firms are risk averse business owners.  I think we often seek to avoid pain, rather than trying new things.  Because if you try enough new things, you will blow stuff up.  There is no way around it.  Avoiding risk and pain is really normal but if you want to change yourself, your firm and our profession, then you will have to go blow some stuff up.

A story: we got rid of our phone system a while back and started using our cell phones instead.  We just let an online PBX system route calls to our cell phones.  Sounds cool, but it didn’t work exactly right.  We are on Verizon and we found out later that Verizon doesn’t let us transfer calls between our team’s iPhones.  Not cool.  So if someone calls and we need to transfer the phone call, we have to tell them to call back.  Totally not cool.  That has made some people upset, understandably.

But I’m not going to stop blowing stuff up.  I won’t do it on purpose, but I will blow stuff up if it means growing my firm in the way that I feel is best for our firm, our team and our customers.  What have you blown up lately?


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