Deeper Weekend 2014

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I love this video I found on Mailchimp!  The video is about jeans.  One of the most simple things in life that we wear everyday.  The owners of Raleigh Denim are disrupting how they make and sell jeans.  It’s a fascinating video about artisans – they call themselves “jean smiths”.  People who hand craft one jean at a time for the care of their customer.

Makes me think about the CPA profession, and our opportunity to become artisans for our customers.  I believe we can become more than just mass producers of tax documents, payroll transactions and paper producers.  But to do that, we have to slow down.  We have to slow down our growth and slow down who comes into our firms.  No more growth for growth sake.  We have to become problem solvers and we do that one customer at a time.  When we slow down, we will be able to serve one customer at a time, and hand craft numbers one customer at a time.

We can become number smiths.


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