Deeper Weekend 2014

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When Jason first told me he wanted to invite Ron Baker and Ed Kless to Greenville to teach Firm of the Future to THRIVEal members, I reacted in typical Jennifer-like fashion, which was to try and appear like the always supportive wife while actually turning over a hundred questions in my head. Will Ron and Ed even want to come? Will THRIVEal members want to come? How much will this cost? How much work is your great idea going to be for me? Jason started throwing out ideas like LIVE PODCAST and BIRTHDAY PARTY and SCOOTERS (that one didn’t happen). I was overwhelmed.

Now that the event is in the past, I am still overwhelmed. But this time it’s not because I am anxious. This time it’s because I am grateful. I am not a CPA, but I find myself so thankful that a bunch of CPAs let me tag along in their community. I feel honored that I got to learn from two of the greatest teachers in YOUR profession. I feel excited that I get a front row seat to watch THRIVEal members put their customers’ needs high on the priority list and throw off the old ways that often actually harm their customers.

I don’t think I can summarize the excellent content. For that, you might want to check out the twitter stream from #THRIVEalFOF. Look to Greg Kyte to be highly amused and Joey Brannon for clear summaries of complex ideas. The other attendees tweeted with enthusiasm too.

What surprised me about the weekend are the ideas that I have for how I can bring value to our firm, even as a non-technical worker. I know that I can do more than just answer the phone or order pizza for the THRIVEal birthday party. Like everyone else in attendance though, I am still processing all I learned.

Thanks to everyone who came. You came with such energy and eagerness to learn. (And to have FUN!) I am thankful for the efforts you made to get here, and even more thankful to have met you in person. To quote my husband, “You guys freakin’ rock!”


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