Deeper Weekend 2014

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Wow! What a great call!

In my opinion, the topic of knowledge sharing is undiscovered in the accounting industry. In the world of financial advisors and bankers, knowledge sharing is used as part of the culture. Why are we still all “grey suits” in this area? How effective is our cloud without knowledge sharing?

What is it? What does knowledge sharing mean? Simply put – it’s a tool to share information regarding the relationship with each client.


  • Client workflow and notes
  • Client contact information and preferences
  • Client issues and resolutions

How much of this information do you keep between your ears? Is this really benefiting you? Some of our callers focused on a few truly eye-opening reasons why knowledge sharing is important:

  • Some of us worry that sharing knowledge might train our employees to become our competition. Is the alternate reality of this not worse? Retaining employees with whom you haven’t shared knowledge that are serving your clients regularly?
  • Two words – business succession. How useful and attractive would it be to a potential buyer of your firm to have a complete database of customer information?
  • We owe it to our clients.

Customer relationship management software is the most used tool for knowledge sharing. Proprietary software is another option. Do you share knowledge? How?



Jennifer Pierce Cook oversees outsourcing the controllership needs for her small business clients.  Jennifer also oversees the individual and trust filings in her firm.  Jennifer obtained her CPA license in September 2007.  She obtained both her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in business with an emphasis in accounting from Middle Tennessee State University.  She is an active member of the AICPA and the THRIVEal +CPA Network.  Jennifer has been with Hardee Accounting for nearly seven years.  Also a managing partner, Jennifer is dedicated to helping clients grow sustainably.  Find Jennifer on Facebook here or follow her on twitter at @ahsumcpa .

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