Deeper Weekend 2014

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Jody Padar and I had an awesome time this past weekend in Washington, DC at the Sage Summit teaching a workshop titled “Got the Guts?”

It was all about taking a trek back in time to see where firms and technology have come, and how we can apply the past to what our firm will look like in the future. In a workshop style, practitioner’s literally from all over the world got in teams to try and discover what the group thought about the past and how to apply it to the future of their own firm.

Wow, it was awesome! We got to write on the wall, we played some Led Zeppelin, we passed pacifiers around, wore goggles and swim flippers (for the Waves of Innovation) and stood in chairs. Thanks to Sage and their innovations to make this happen. What a forward-thinking community!  Thanks everyone. It was a freakin’ blast!  Check out some quick videos below to see what everyone thought.

You can also check out some photos from the event on our THRIVEal Facebook page.


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