Deeper Weekend 2014

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The Accountancy Revolution has begun and it’s exciting!

The first part of this exciting change I noted in the first post on this topic is the “rapid technological means of data creation and production” that we are seeing change our profession.

As noted, the changes we are experiencing are rapid.  Unlike my past history in this profession, the changes are almost difficult to keep up with.  To stay abreast of the new software and the new methods of accounting data manipulation are setting apart the accountants who can keep up with it… and those who can not.  And those that benefit are the client, if we decide to take it to them.

Note that accounting data creation is becoming a result of bank feeds, automated server calls and intelligent API design.  We are moving away from the need for accountants to manipulate accounting data and seeing more intelligent computers take over.  This change probably brings fear for some of those in the profession.  But I find it intriguing!

First of all, it can’t be stopped.  Second, these changes are going to be catalysts to push our profession to stop doing accounting and begin offering services that other professions can’t offer.

We can now focus on developing our design expertise on the client’s business process, education towards more effective ways of operation within their businesses and developing key metrics and business intelligence for the client.

So don’t let these rapid changes of managing technological data scare you.  Instead, let them be an impetus toward higher service in our great calling as business specialists!



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