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Technology choices are such an integral part of your business ecosystem.  It’s like the foundation that wraps around the process by which you get business done.  Most clients of accounting firms choose technology with very limited views towards what that technology will do.  In choosing technology, keep a broad view of what your ecosystem looks like so you can choose collaborative systems that work together to meet the needs of your business process.

For example, if you need a new CRM system research how it will tie into your invoicing system, workflow system and document management system.  The ecosystem needs to be collaborative, which means they all need to “talk” to each other.  This integration among systems is a huge benefit to the cloud, and it has to be the cornerstone of your technology choices.  Among a number of systems, we deploy Xero and Freshbooks to the clients who need them.  These two systems, when deployed together, can allow for great changes to a client’s business process, making the client totally digital within the interactions of their business process.

And when deploying cloud systems to clients, help them not to pick technology too quickly.  Research is required to make sure you are using the proper products for the right purposes.

Cloud-based accountants can become the experts at making these choices for their clients.  And this type of work is a huge value add, so you need to charge for it.  Freakin’ sweet.

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