Deeper Weekend 2014

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Social Media has opened up the door for so many of us to connect with each other across the country and across the globe.  Communication is instantaneous.  Our network is unbelievable.   If any one of us needs something, there is a group of connected personalities that will answer in moments.

This connect-the-dots picture formed gradually and continues to grow with buzz about industry topics, hobbies, music, family, sports, and various interests.  Social media paves the way for sharing bits and pieces about what is important to us.  When those important things become threatened, a band of soldiers immediately respond to the call.  We come to know one another and develop a care for each individual person and what they hold dear to their heart.   Any one of us would band together to defend a brand, a cause or an issue.

Borders?  What are borders?  We have none.

We are a caring group that when someone we have come to love is in need, we come together to see how we can help.  Immediately following the Earthquake in New Zealand, tweets went out to our friends and family across the globe to see what we could do and how we could help.  Prayers, thoughts and efforts to organize financial relief filled the airwaves.  As soon as we hit the social channels with our friends needing help, immediately people responded with “Count Me In.”  “How Can I Help?”   We shared stories of recovery, bravery, sadness, survivorship and instances of back up plans and help.

We are so blessed to belong to such a wonderful family.

Still looking to help our friends in New Zealand?

Give a little

New Zealand Red Cross

Kara R. Haas, CPA, CFE, CITP, ARA offers a solid mix of accounting knowledge and technology to assist businesses in reaching their goals.  Kara worked in manufacturing and family business for several years developing a passion for accounting.  She obtained a Master of Science in Accounting from Marquette University.  She later earned the Certified Fraud Examiner designation and most recently the Certified Information Technology Professional designation.   Kara is a member of both the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  She has spent several years working with Intuit products, particularly Enterprise, QuickBooks Point of Sale and third party integrated applications.   She continues to support these applications offering assistance to clients and other accountants.  Additionally, her interest in accounting software, technology and assisting Independent Retailers continues to flourish and has opened additional software offerings/support including programs that work on any platform: Windows or Mac OS.

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