Deeper Weekend 2014

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As a Christian, personal accountability has always been huge to me as I continually seek to maintain integrity with my wife and kids.  I have friends that keep me accountable to many issues in my personal life.

Likewise, I need outside scrutiny in my business too. I have two coaches that continually grill me on the direction of my company, help me to better my skills and champion my future when the need arises. You don’t need to operate in your family and in your business alone. Often, staff can’t offer you the coaching you need, so you must look outside your firm.  There are seasoned professionals that can do this for you.

Meet my two coaches…

My first coach is Harry King of To The Edge Coaching.  He is really an Executive Coach, and we touch on almost any topic you could imagine.  I’m sorry its sideways, I’m using a new Flip Video Camera, and I don’t know how to turn the image yet.  Bear with me (and my apologies to Harry!)

My next coach is my marketing coach.  He is Gil Gerretsen of Biztrek Marketing Mentors.  He has developed a process called The 12 Triggers that operate within a group called the Guild.  Five business owners meet together each month and determine if we are properly following our Marketing Action Plan.  We all get to go around the room and grill one another (often, not an enjoyable experience).  The advice I get monthly from Gil and the group has been invaluable to help guide my marketing for THRIVEal and my own firm.

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