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<<Sign up for the initial orientation webinar on the future of our industry at: to be held Friday, December 10th, 11 am, EST time>>

GREENVILLE, SC – November 5, 2010 – Jason M. Blumer, CPA, CFE, owner of Blumer & Associates, CPAs is pleased to announce the launch of the THRIVEal +CPA Network (THRIVEal)—a CPA/accountancy network and consultancy for young and younger-minded professionals who are ready to move into the world of firm ownership.

THRIVEal is geared toward the Gen X and Y demographic, comprised of members who understand and actively leverage the New Marketing, New Management, New Processes, and New Technology of today’s New Firm. Though focused on young profesionals, CPA’s and accountants of all ages who support a new way of doing business are encouraged to join.

The THRIVEal +CPA Network represents a global forum for professionals interested in the four fundamental tenets of today’s next-generation firms—Community, Collaboration, Technology, and Innovation. Sporting the tagline, “Cloud People,” network members focus heavily on the value of Cloud technology in streamlining workflow and implementing paperless, highly efficient processes firm wide.

As the accounting profession has changed, due to extreme technological enhancements and new workflow strategies, a gap has formed between older and younger professionals. This has made it difficult for the younger sect to experience a feeling of community, collaborate with other like-minded CPA’s, and engage in new innovations and Cloud technologies. And with higher fees required by most CPA alliances, like networks are typically unavailable to the small start-up firm. THRIVEal solves this issue.

“I have a vision for our industry—a direct result of working for too many years in a traditional firm,” stated Jason Blumer. “During my transactional firm days, I saw the need to serve the new generation of clients differently…with technology and innovations that had not yet been fully developed. There was a gap and I wanted to fill it. Years later, I’ve transformed my father’s practice into a New Firm, leveraging technology and innovative practices. As a result, I’ve experienced a 400% growth rate.”

Soon after launching his New Firm, Blumer also recognized the gap in the profession between old-school leaders and the younger and younger-minded generation of accountants. “I see the THRIVEal Network as a way to close this gap,” said Blumer. “I want it to be a hotbed of innovation and collaboration among a diverse group of members!”

The THRIVEal +CPA Network officially launched in November 2010. There is no initial cost to join. For more information on THRIVEal and it’s release, please sign up for the launch webinar to be held on Friday, December 10, 2010 at 11 am, Eastern time.  Those interested in changing the industry can register for this free live webinar here:


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