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A little bit about Steve

Steve is a co-founding Principal of The Alt Key, a Tempe Arizona CPA firm, and has over 30 years of experience serving small businesses and entrepreneurs.  His interest in small business started at an early age growing up in a rural area where his family was involved in Farming, Real Estate and Multi-level Marketing.   His mentoring of small business owners began when he was recruited to a national consulting firm where he built a remote accounting service after becoming frustrated with the lack of good information available from consulting clients.   Steve has worked in a wide variety of industries and has experience in everything from managing a hotel, to working as a motorcycle mechanic to operating a martial arts facility.  Steve worked with a group of small business owners to build a community bank, an effort which “crashed and burned” as the economy turned providing the lessons that can only be gained by the experience of living though a business failure.   Steve has started several CPA firms including one which was acquired by a national firm where he served clients as a tax partner.  Steve has a special passion for representing clients before the IRS and state tax authorities and has years of experience helping clients through both the practical and procedural aspects of addressing unpaid Tax liabilities.

As a Principal in The Alt Key, Steve enjoys helping small business not only succeed but also to define what success means to them using their own personal values and goals.  Using a “Your business or your life” approach, Steve mentors his clients on the trade off between the time they spend building a business and the time they spend doing what is important to them – then helps make their values and their business congruent with what matters.

Steve is a graduate of Southwest Minnesota State University, earning a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Golden Gate University  with a Masters in Tax. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner™.

Steve is married to Linda and father to Brayden, Travis, Alyssa and Chelsea.

Ways to get in touch

  • Phone: 480-558-4410