Deeper Weekend 2014


Bell, CPA

A little bit about Jim

I, (mom calls me Jimmy or James so that works too), am the founder of the JF Bell Group.   Our office has been in Idaho Falls, Idaho for over 30 years.  That’s Idaho not Iowa; home of famous Idaho potatoes, clean air, world renowned trout fishing, Micron, Boise State, and an over abundance of seedy politicians!  My wife, Teri, and I, three of our four kids and two of our seven grandkids live in this area because we can.  Seriously, Teri and I live here because it’s central to the rest of our family and close to neat places like Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks, Jackson Hole, and Sun Valley.  We call those day trips!

Every organization has a mission, a purpose, a reason for being. Our firm provides outrageous service to select individuals and small businesses and is committed to helping those customers achieve their wildest, but admirable dreams and aspirations.  We truly aspire to make a difference in our world by the way we serve our customers throughout the country.

No firm can be everything to everyone. Accordingly, we limit our services to those we excel at and are passionate about: better your business solutions, software and technology solutions, income tax solutions, estate and trust solutions, accounting and payroll solutions and CEO/CFO outsourcing.  Perhaps the most important service we provide is coordinating a proactive team consisting of the JF Bell Group, customer management, along with the customer’s investment, insurance, banking, legal, and other advisors to collaborate and better serve the customer.  We refuse relationships not based on teamwork.  Some of the industries we are passionate about include veterinary medicine, restaurants, various professional and personal services, retail, not for profit organizations, and agriculture.

 Although I love working with fun people who value what we offer, I enjoy kicking back (hopefully someplace warm with palm trees!) or spending time with my family and friends.  Balance in life is everything.  Some of my interests include traveling, riding my bike, watching NASCAR and rodeo, flying airplanes, visiting amusement parks, learning new things, and serving and volunteering within the community.

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