Deeper Weekend 2014



A little bit about Adam

My Purpose: Serve knowledge based industries and work with growing businesses and their owners in order to minimize taxes and increase profits.

Adam Shay, CPA, MBA is a family man that loves to be challenged and to pursue life long learning.  His two young boys keep him honest in both those respects.  Adam deals with customers all over the country and loves to stay on top of new technologies, tools, and approaches to working and staying connected with his clients.  We focus on service based business with smart owners that are focused on growth.

Five Questions with Adam Shay:

1.  Why decide you decide to become a CPA?

“I do what I do because I love to help people. This is reflected in all aspects of my life, through my work and through community service. I believe that there is a better way to do business and that most entrepreneurs of small to mid-sized companies are under served. I am an entrepreneur myself and still get a rush from seeing businesses grow and succeed. Working with entrepreneurs keeps me fresh every day and makes it fun to get up every morning.”

2.  What’s more challenging, being a parent or entrepreneur?

“That is a really tough question.  I think they are both equally as challenging.  I also believe there are a lot of parallels between being an entrepreneur and parent.  I intend to write a book on that one day.  Both roles require planning, determination, patience, and confidence in that what you are doing is right.”

3. What are your main driving forces in life?

“My family, being challenged, and living life the right way.”

4.  Tell us some things that not many people know about you.

“Right out of college I did financial software development and design.  I got out of that because there wasn’t enough interaction with normal people.  Go figure that I chose public accounting as the solution to that problem!  One of my nicknames in college was “thrasher” because I was a really good snowboarder.  I’ve since blown out my knee snowboarding.  Finally, I got my first gray hair in college.  It has been downhill ever since!”

5.  If you could be any animal, what would you be?

“I am a huge fan of birds of prey.  We live on the coast and I’d have to say that Ospreys are my favorite.  There is nothing like paddle boarding on a tidal creek and seeing an Osprey swoop down and grab a flounder lying on the creek bottom.  Talk about determination, bravery, and skills!”

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