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Jennifer BlumerUntil recently, I thought a thermocouple was something only Bob Newhart and Will Ferrell had to be able to pronounce for a scene in Elf. I had no idea it was a real thing. But it turns out to be a pretty important part of a hot water heater, which turns out to be a pretty important thing if you want people in your household to shower.


But I never wanted to understand how a thermocouple works. Or the pilot light. Or the benefits of installing a hot water heater one way over another. I just want my hot water heater to work so I can wash dishes, clothes, and myself. Fortunately (or unfortunately since I will never get that hour back) my plumber, Bill, really cares a lot about the ins and outs of a hot water heater. He told me all about it. In detail. Read more

Greg Kyte 2It’s almost 2014, and it’s time to set some goals. Some people hate the goal-setting process because they think it’s BS. And a lot of times, it is BS. It’s BS because the result is inauthentic.

If your goals aren’t visceral – if they’re not authentic – they’re impotent. People with impotent goals are suffering from what doctors call Goal Disfunction (GD). To firm up your goals, you need Goal Viagra: Goalvitra. Read more

Personal Growth

REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBLeadership is scary business. Both for ourselves, and our customers. It means moving from where we are now, to some place new, some place unfamiliar, some place unexplored. Leadership is personal — you cannot lead a crowd, you can only lead persons, individual people. Business is scary leadership. Read more


1470186_621904264519530_1959094764_nWe talk regularly about pruning in Thriveal. It’s one of the strategies of a healthy company and a healthy life. For a quick definition of pruning, here is a 2 minute video from Dr. Henry Cloud.

He says we should: Read more

Personal Growth

REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBI have to admit: I’d love to learn how to surf. I sorta imagine it’d be something like skateboarding (which I’ve tried a couple times, and happy to report no major accidents) or like snowboarding (which I haven’t tried yet, but maybe soon). Surfing involves mounting a wave, finding your position, then holding and adjusting that position as the water flows under you, supporting you with its force. Read more