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Greg Kyte 2The title of this post is a lie. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Actually, we’ll get to a lot of crap in a minute. Like why it’s maybe not the best idea to post the following status on Facebook:


Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.53.43 AM

And also – just a heads up – it’s maybe not a good idea to call someone who’s close to you and say, “Hey, I need to find a drug dealer, and you’re the first person I thought of.” Read more

Coaching, Personal Growth

REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBWhen I’m reading for content, I’m all about the marginalia: underlines, questions in the borders, even one­ sided hand­written debates with the author. Which is why I was much relieved that the Kindle allows you to digitally underline text and add notes too — you can even export them to a PDF to save and search, a way cool feature that I’ve taken advantage of many a time.

But what if the text in a book went from edge to edge? No spaces between the lines, no space on either side of the page, none at the top, none at the bottom: a page littered with letters. Hard to read, cramped with lines blurring, and eyes crossing… Read more

Management and Operations

Scott KregelIn Thriveal we talk about many key tenants as we are building our practices… value pricing, results only work environments, business models and system design, and knowledge work. Part of knowledge work requires understanding how our brains function and how we build disciplines into our daily, weekly, monthly schedules so that when called upon, we are doing our best work. A concept or state of mind that might be new to some of us is the idea of Flow. Many of us have experienced this… working on a project late into the night where heavy concentration and fresh insights seemed to ‘flow.’ We finished our project exhausted yet exhilarated with a glow of satisfaction and confidence that stayed with us.

Research on the various states of consciousness have taught us about the complexity of our minds and how much this influences our decision making, our motivation, and our performance over time. Flow is an optimal state of consciousness. Mihayl Csikszentmihalyi is sort of the godfather of flow. He saw ten core components of flow:
• Clear goals
• Concentration
• A loss of the feeling of self-consciousness
• Distorted sense of time
• Direct and immediate feedback
• Balance between ability and level and challenge
• Sense of personal control over the situation
• Activity is intrinsically rewarding, so action is effortless
• A lack of awareness of bodily needs
• Absorption: narrowing of awareness down to the activity itself Read more

Book Review

Jennifer BlumerI love Deeper Weekend. Seriously, it’s right up there with other once a year special occasions to me. Big holidays, vacations, family gatherings. It’s in that category. I just love it. And Deeper Weekend 2014 is coming up in just a few months. It’s time to register!

What is Deeper Weekend? It’s Thriveal’s event of the year. You can get more details here. And I can tell you about the official program, but Deeper Weekend is pretty special because of the relationships that are created and nurtured there.

We start off with a welcome reception, which is really just an excuse to see each other again.




Yes, last year it was at my house. We have a different venue this year, but we’ll still have great food, an open bar, and maybe a few surprises.

Then we spend two full days learning from the best teachers around. This year it’s primarily Tim Williams, who wrote Positioning for Professions. We’ll have presentations and hands on workshops that will blow your mind. Oh, and a food truck will be there too for lunch on one of the days. We’ll bring food in on the other day. (Lunch is included! Yay!)







We also have fun on Thursday night at the Thriveal party and live Thrivecast. Pizza, pool, darts, and our very own stand up comedian.

People often ask if they can attend if they are not Thriveal members. The answer is YES! Just register like everyone else. You can come, but consider yourself warned. People often join Thriveal after spending time with our fun community.


Questions? Email me at jennifer @ thriveal dot com. We’d love to have you!


REFM -  Adrian Photo Square - CATOBToday the Thriveal Laboratory launches its inaugural experiment: Business Model Prototyping.

The experiment’s hypothesis is that there will be multiple successful business models for accounting firms of the future. Using the visual Business Model Canvas tool developed by Alex Osterwalder, a team of experimenting accountants will begin by sketching the traditional accounting firm model, and then ideate a series of prototypes for evolutions of that model that will succeed in the future. The experiment will be conducted using the Lab’s Experimental Framework, and the results will be published in a Lab Report released to the profession. The report will be designed for use by firm owners to identify points of innovation that they can use to either build and/or shape their own business models. Read more

Innovation, Laboratory

Greg Kyte 2Frank Underwood’s got giant balls. Figuratively. He’s got giant figurative balls. And he’s a case study on power. It’s hard to tell if he got his power as a result of his big balls, or if his big balls are a byproduct of his power. Regardless, I call him Mega Millions because he’s got power balls.


We studied power in my MBA program. The main thing I remember about studying power is that we studied power. I also remember that we read a bunch of HBR articles. So I went to, searched for power, and bought their best-selling article “Power Play.” Didn’t ring a bell. Read more